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Going Home

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Going Home

Stills & Synopsis of Going Home

A female alcoholic panhandler, Eve, tries raising money to buy a birthday gift for her grandson, but Bev, the boy’s mother tries to protect her son from the emotional chaos of seeing his alcoholic grandmother. The jarring cuts and grainy soft focus emphasize the falling apart of Eve’s life and her breaking heart.

The image system includes: poles that interrupt or block the scenes; doors that close or are closed; phone booth window frames that confine her to a small space and cut her off from the audience, all representing barriers that arise as a result of alcoholism. It is her addiction that has stopped her from getting the family love that she so desperately craves.

The dangling phone receiver represents clichés such as “life hanging by a thread” or “hung out to dry” etcetera. The gulping of the wine, ”…till the last drop” and the dripping tap represents the wasting away of a life. A mural of the Statue of Liberty in a garbage strewn back ally reinforces the contradictions of society and Eve’s life. The flyer of “Hope” and the “God” camera point of view from inside and outside the phone booth foreshadow with hope that a good outcome is possible.

Directors of Photography
Judson Pooyak
Holly Spencer
Christie Charles
Rita Jasper

Jason Burnstick

Story Editor
Jordan Wheeler

Assistant Director
Rose-Ann Archibald

Benjamin Easterday

Sharon Lamontagne

Sharan Dhillon


Drinking Buddy
Linda Waters

Anne Charest

Special thanks to:
The Aboriginal Film & TV Production Program at Capilano College for use of equipment

Jennifer Williams
Norm Barkenbury
Riaz Bhra
Theodora Trajkovich

Producer, Screen writer, Story board artist, soundscape artist, Director & Editor
Rita Jasper

Video update to replace stills still to come at a later date. Continue reading

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Hello world!

“Going Home” is my first independent short.

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