need your opinion & help

I’m working on a documentary about the exploitation and abuse of women and girls and how their status in society increases or decreases the likelihood of them experiencing violence.

The purpose of the documentary is to empower women and men to prevent unnecessary violence against women in our society.

Please tell me what is the biggest frustration you have when it comes to watching a documentary concerning violent, destructive or abusive treatment of a person or people/group? Also, if you could state what you appreciate in these type of documentaries.

Please indicate your age and gender.

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If you wish to leave a confidential comment please send your comments to & put need your opinion help in the subject line.

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Thank you for your assistance.


About ritajasper

Rita Jasper strives to produce work that makes social impact or simply provokes thought to bring about awareness & different points of view.
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8 Responses to need your opinion & help

  1. Anj Rai says:

    Shanila – female/24 – always problem orientated – rarely looks at psychology behind abuser – only looking at the victim aspect – very victim oriented – not seeing what they have done afterwards or celebrating their lives

    Nasra – female/24 – problems but not solution – rarely seeing what is being done to create change for women – doesnt look at other factors that may play a part (ie. race, gender,
    – a contact is Angela from the Battered Women’s Shelter in Vancouver – will send you her contact info – a good person to sit down with and talk to

    Anj – female/22 – my biggest frustration is when the pain or abuse seems to be exaggerated in order to trigger an emotional response from the audience. the material needs to be honest and straightforward, too much gore, too much sadness, though real, can be exaggerated. I also don’t like when the abused victim doesn’t get to speak for themself, or there is a professional or expert speaking on their behalf. This should be done in moderation.

    Nicole – female/40+ – important to have more than one person representing the entire group – documentary should give hope to anyone else who is watching – here is how you can get educated and resources 0r talking to someone who can say that this is how you can escape it

    • ritajasper says:

      Hi Anj, If you wish to forward to some of your male friends that is great. Please let them know I am looking for male input as well because there are men who are working to prevent the abuse of women and children and their opinion is valuable. One such group I am going to work with is Please feel free to forward this to them

  2. ritajasper says:

    Thanx ladies – this is helpful!!!!

  3. “Unnecessary violence?” There should be NO violence against women in our society, or any society. Men abuse women because they can. Even significant numbers of men who don’t personally abuse women can and do get off on it in film, internet, mags, music, etc. And the men who neither indulge in the abuse of women, or like watching it in porn, tolerate both of these activities in other men. If they didn’t, abuse of women wouldn’t be a national and global problem because men rule the world. They make the rules and laws, fight over them, declare the priorities, fight over them, and everywhere women are excluded from the important decisions of social and economic life (except maybe in Iceland). The answer? The only answer is for women to rise up in the aggregate and tell men to shove their priorities because men’s priorities are all wrong for the advancement of the human race. The World Cup? In an area of the world where women can’t even go to an outside toilet without fear of being raped? And yet billions are found to celebrate young men from the world over kicking a ball around. This is the male world’s idea of how to spend the earth’s precious resources while children go hungry and women die from lack of medical care in pregnancy, childbirth, and botched illegal abortions? Somewhere, somehow, women have to find the courage to look the male culture squarely in the eye and demand redress. It has to come. Mother Nature will not tolerate such a lopsided rule of the world which is geared to destroy her. This is the choice. We change, men and women together, or we die.

  4. ritajasper says:

    I agree with everything you said. I’m going to respond to individual items you raised in separate postings. First One: Regarding “And the men who neither indulge in the abuse of women, or like watching it in porn, tolerate both of these activities in other men.”, I just want to point people in the direction of the Battered Women’s Support Services . On the left hand side of the website is called “The Violence Stops Here” . More and more men are standing up to other men who are abusing women. There is another group of men I am researching who are doing the same thing–more on them later.

  5. ritajasper says:

    Second One:
    “They [men] make the rules and laws, fight over them, declare the priorities, fight over them, and everywhere women are excluded from the important decisions of social and economic life (except maybe in Iceland). ” Canadian government dissolved the Ministry of State for the Status of Women, the Provincial government of BC cut out the Ministry of Women’s Equality and the city of Vancouver has eliminated its Women’s Committee. Knowing that the decision makers, authority figures and power holders are mostly men dissolving these groups shows sexism against women and ensures that women will continue to be severely hampered or dis-empowered to address the imbalances of power and the lack of influence when it comes to affecting positive change in our political and social systems.
    I will now post 2009 CEDAW (the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women) report cards and I welcome your comments.

  6. JJ says:

    I understand there is abuse happening and the reasons are many from anything from lack of education to power
    But we must understand that the women are the basic survival of humans without the knowledge and teaching from the very first women you are introduced to when you enter this world( mother) to the one who you become or respect the most
    if a male sees nothing but abuse and its accepted without question then it carries on
    if the women he becomes involved with does not touch his inner soul with repect and kindness understanding teaching and forgiveness then he DOES NOT change
    I am not making excuses but giving a different approch to ending abuse
    there are alot of males who understand that this is NOT ACCEPTABLE and even if you grew up in a addicting abusive home and others treat you like you are shit there are NO EXCUSES to carry on with their actions but to change the cycle and move forward with love and forgiveness towards those WHO KNOW NOT ANYTHING ELSE
    For now you are the one who can love freely

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