Profesional development

I already have a “Marketing and Sales Diploma” from Langara College, a “Computerized Marketing and Sales Diploma” from Corporate Communications College and the “Aboriginal Film and Television Diploma” from Capilano College, but I’m excited because I registered in:

Entertainment marketing
Motion picture and television marketing is the most exciting, immediate, unpredictable and rewarding vocation any marketing can choose. From understanding and developing audiences to creating eye-catching promotional artwork, it is all about putting paying customers into theatre seats and buying-eyes in front of television and computer screens. Topics include sales windows, development of the marketing plan, determining demographics, genre marketing, trailers, press kits, web promotion, publicity and many related concepts. Entertainment marketing is an in-depth, practical course for those marketing motion pictures and television programming domestically and internationally. Gain valuable information and resources to help you ensure successful marketing campaigns.


Social Media Strategy and Marketing
Having a sound social media strategy is the first step towards any social media plan. Learn the importance of setting up a strategic framework that matches your overall goals and identifies the four Cs (content, collaboration, community and competitive intelligence). Learn to develop a social media marketing campaign that impacts and defines both fan engagement and consumer behavior. Evaluate success and failure scenarios including dealing with time, cost, location and permission constraints. Finally, discover how to leverage social media, promote through viral marketing, contests, games and product placement and learn to make your brand pop in all the social media noise.


About ritajasper

Rita Jasper strives to produce work that makes social impact or simply provokes thought to bring about awareness & different points of view.
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