Men’s Studies: a feminist’s point of view

Men’s Studies: An Important Addition to Academia

I found this very interesting article by Carrie Polansky. Her posted article is located at Gender Across Borders

Her minor in college was Women’s and Gender Studies. One of her favorite courses was titled “Masculinities.”

As feminism and other gender-based movements have evolved, so has our need to deeper explore gender. It is therefore no wonder why women’s studies and men’s studies include many more topics and lenses than McLaren may realize.

The column (McLaren’s column) also reeks of privilege. It is easy for a cisgender woman to argue that studying the theory of gender construction is less important than reading classical literature, because perhaps she does not need to think about her gender consciously on a regular basis. But many people — including queer, transgender, gender non-conforming and otherwise socially oppressed people — do think about their gender regularly.

Traditionally, gender studies programs have focused on women’s studies, and in many ways rightly so — women are still marginalized in academia, and women’s studies give us a voice that is noticeably absent in other departments.

Though men are in a position of privilege, masculinity is accompanied by its own degree of societal expectations, pressures and baggage. Moreover, the relationship masculinity plays with race, religion, sexuality and other identity facets is important to discuss, as no two men necessarily have the same institutional privileges or expectations.

To read  Carrie Polansky’s entire article please go to:

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