“After the last tree is felled Christ will come back.” ??????!!!!!!!

Betty Krawczyk believes in deep ecology, social revolution and her favorite quote is: “Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” I love her blog and below are some quotes from her article “After the last tree is felled Christ will come back.”

“James G. Watt, President Ronald Reagan’s interior secretary made this assertion before Congress in 1981.”

“Watt’s remarks serve as something of a warning for Canadians.  James G. Watt was a fundamentalist Christian (Dispensationalists).”

“…they long for the “rapture” that will come as soon as the world is aflame with wars and evil doing and environmental degradation, then as Mr. Watt said, Christ will come back.”

“Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is a Dispensationalist and so is Stockwell Day (The Armageddon Factor by Marci Mcdonald).”

“People have a right to their religious beliefs. Except when world heads of state allow their religious beliefs to interfere with the wishes of their own people…”

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Rita Jasper strives to produce work that makes social impact or simply provokes thought to bring about awareness & different points of view.
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