Canadian Oil & Us

Harper and Obama avoid THIS subject. Betty Krawczyk asks “Why?” Then she gives you the answer, “Because many of the people in the mid-East countries are saying the oil in their countries belongs to them, to the people. And that it should be nationalized and every citizen given a fair share of the revenues. The revolutionaries are telling us that the foreign private corporations are sucking the oil of their countries dry, making the dictators and foreign corporations ever richer while they get the pollution and enormously high energy prices along with increasing poverty.” Sound familiar. Betty goes on to say ” They  [the people] want to nationalize their oil. Is this kind of thinking inherently treasonous? Constitutes everything blasphemous against the holy alter of capitalism? Well, yes. Sort of.”

I agree with Betty and I sometimes wonder if Canada really is a democracy because Harper, in my opinion, simply changes the law to suite his agenda; he buries and hides these changes in  his several hundred page budgets – the one I’m thinking about had to do with the environment.

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