Free speech and MAWO

Went to Andrew Barry’s forum Saturday night. The presentation was good. Sorry I couldn’t stay the whole night. One thing really stood out for me and it was about how people are jailed for their intentions and not their actions. I looked the word up in the dictionary:
in·ten·tion n
1.            something that somebody plans to do or achieve
2.            the quality or state of having a purpose in mind
that is the Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. (All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.). I personally define it as including wish, dreams and admiration.

I never, till Saturday, stooped to think about this but I guess we are all judged on our intentions regardless of where we live. And do we even know we are being judged. If in this country we were thrown in jail for what we think, I’d have been in jail a long time ago and they would of thrown away the key. And you all thought I was just about love, peace and groovy. Well I do try to focus on positive thoughts and while it’s really hard work it is worth it; so, on that note, I express my gratitude for living in a country where we have free speech, even though I sometimes find myself with people and we agree to disagree.

Free speech prevents poverty of the mind.

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OK I’m off to eat porridge and blueberry.


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