women sentenced to death overturned

Shadi Sadr, Iran

Shadi Sadr is a lawyer who has successfully had convictions of several women sentenced to death overturned. Shadi is also a journalist and activist campaigning for women’s rights. Shadi Sadr has been arrested and held in detention on at least two occasions, most recently in July 2009 and has now been forced to live in exile because of her work. Despite leaving the country, she continues to campaign for women’s rights from outside Iran.

She founded Zanan-e Iran (Women of Iran), the first website dedicated to the work of Iranian women’s rights activists.


In 2009, Amnesty International did a mailout, which talked about Shadi Sadr. She is a women’s right activist and lawyer in Iran who was violently arrested and wrongfully detained in prison for 3 weeks because of her involvement as an activist in the Stop the Stoning Forever campaign. Thanks to the almost immediate action of Amnesty International members around the world, she was released after 3 weeks and continues to work to stop stoning.

“Women in Iran face widespread discrimination under the law. They are denied equal rights in marriage, divorce, child custody, inheritance and compensation for injury.”



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  1. Jamie Dedes says:

    Thanks for sharing this information and the links. Bravo to you for your commitment.

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