Birth (poem)

I wrote this while living in Whiterock BC, Canada, on 15A Ave  March 23rd, 1998.
My favorite place to live was at Crescent Beach in Whiterock, close to the bird sanctuary.
It was a quaint little sanctuary that reminded me of Jasper Alberta.


Imprisoned in a bird cage

Made of wire.

On burns the rage.

Genii was forged by fire.

Dream what she dares.

Go where she wants.

Into the stars she stares.

And you, the unknown, she taunts.

With a song and a prayer,

Down a stream she drifts

Cocooned in a glass chalice.

Freedom she gave herself as a gift,

And nature serves as her palace.

Into an abyss she falls.

Onto the shore of a rain forest she washes.

The waves continue their unrelenting crashes.

Her glass bottle shatters as it smashes into the jungle’s shore.

Genii and the contents of her chalice pore onto the forest’s velvety moss floor.

As the sun breaks the night

Genii emerges from her dream.

In this waking morning light

She transforms into another state of being

And this new entity rejoices in flight.

Please feel free to share, copy, distribute and transmit the work and acknowledge the author: Rita Jasper and this blog

Creative Commons Copyright


About ritajasper

Rita Jasper strives to produce work that makes social impact or simply provokes thought to bring about awareness & different points of view.
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8 Responses to Birth (poem)

  1. I’m speechless! I aspire! Beautifully bittersweet.
    Happy rally

  2. your words touch,
    masterful wriitng…

    keep it up..
    invite you join poets rally.
    visit me for details… 🙂

  3. ashbeezone says:

    Lovely Poetry .. Truly Inspiring
    Here’s Mine STUFF

    !! }{APPY RALLY !! xD

  4. Jamie Dedes says:

    An effecting poem. Worth multiple reads… Welcome to Poets Rally. Hope you have fun with it and join in again.

    Poem on …

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