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NDP & Veterans-leader Jack Layton & Libby Davies takes time out for veterans

NDP leader Jack Layton takes time out for veterans

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abortion – this is not a rose coloured story but you can help

My mother died because she refused to have an abortion. There were many factors affecting her life; in my opinion she was brainwashed. I was 12 when she died, but my life is a lot less traumatic than others who … Continue reading

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I quit…

I quit smoking 1 year ago!!!!!! Today!!!!!!!!!

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Free speech and MAWO

Went to Andrew Barry’s forum Saturday night. The presentation was good. Sorry I couldn’t stay the whole night. One thing really stood out for me and it was about how people are jailed for their intentions and not their actions. … Continue reading

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Want something different for Sunday supper? Try Moussaka

Rita Jasper’s MOUSSAKA recipe Moussaka The common principle is layers of vegetables (eggplants or potatoes) alternating with layers of minced meat + tomato sauce + onions, topped with Bechamel sauce and baked in a oven. Grated Parmesan or similar cheese … Continue reading

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Faith and Brandy

“Faith is to believe what you do not yet see, the reward for this faith is to see what you believe.” Author: Saint Augustine I don’t think it matters what faith or spirituality you choose, having faith is always important, … Continue reading

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Wounds and Wandering Parts

To all those difficulties that burn my spirit, I view them as challenges. I will blanket those wounds with gold infused bandages of silk drenched in the healing powers of mothers’ animals’ milk. Into a million pieces is scattered my … Continue reading

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