Housing and/or Prisons

houses, not prisons: Larry Campbell
Kettle Making A Difference

Houses, not prisons: Campbell

Approved posting from Dharm Makwana (author) and 24H Vancouver (publisher)

I like what Senator Larry Campbell has to say.

How does the Olympic spirit demonstrated earlier this year in Vancouver translate into the lives of ordinary people now that the Games are gone?

Senator Larry Campbell asked that question Thursday to those attending the “Kettle making a Difference” luncheon. For the former Vancouver mayor, the answer is apparent.

“It’s how people regard other people,” the ex-coroner explained, citing the spirit of goodwill that swept the city for a few short weeks. “We’re spending $10 billion on prisons and I simply say, is that the best use of our money, lets say, in the context of the Kettle Friendship Society who are going around helping people who are homeless, who are mentally ill. They are helping the community understand these people are us. These aren’t just some people who showed up. We should helping them to become better.”

Campbell called Ottawa to intervene by diverting money earmarked for the prison system to a national housing strategy.

“I’m not making this political.” he said. “This started with the Liberals getting out of housing. It’s a federal government responsibility to have a national housing program. You can’t do that when you’re spending $10 billion on prisons. You can’t do that when you’ve blown your way through a surplus and now you’re in a deficit position.”

He added the problems linked to poverty can’t be laid at the foot of government to solve.

“There are probably millions of people who are one pay cheque away from the street. We should be concerned about that We should be concerned about them being ale to afford housing. We should be concerned abut them being able to afford housing. I’m concerned about people on the cusp and that’s why we should be hammering for a national housing strategy because it could be you next week.”

2 Responses to Housing and/or Prisons

  1. Ogopogo says:

    Larry Campbell can talk out both sides of his mouth with the best of the politicians in Canada. In fact he could (& probably does) give lessons in that fine political art.

    Ask him how he feels about the facts around the Olympic village housing issue in Vancouver…

    • ritajasper says:

      Yes – I think it would be interesting to hear what he says about that. That so called affordable housing — up for sale is it?????? People who need affordable housing can’t think about purchasing an affordable appartment when they are one pay cheque away from being on the street. What a insane concept. I would guess that people who would like a summer home in Vancouver will be trying to purchase them & I wonder what measures the government has put in place to ensure that the rich don’t take advantage of this? What always annoys me about the housing situation is that they talk about the homeless, & do nothing except cut funding to groups who are helping the most vulnerable; but the ones that no one is helping are the working poor – instead they just live off of our backs. I haven’t seen any new co-op housing projects announced – have you? If you have Larry Campbell’s contact information, I’ll forward a link to him.

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